Got Stairs – This is the Best Vacuum for You!

No one likes to clean, especially when having to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. Luckily there is a vacuum out there that is perfect for those who face this struggle every week. Don’t break your back with a heavy machine, get one that is lightweight and easy to use.

vacuum for stairsThe best vacuum for stairs is the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus- The name says it all. The dirt devil vaccum has been known for years to be lightweight and versatile allowing for easy transportation up and down stairs. Plus the retractable handle is the most adaptable feature allowing for dirt removal in not only the corners but of the stairs as well.

While the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus is an awesome vacuum for all around cleaning and stairs but it can’t compete with the Eureka RapidClean. The RapidClean is the best of the best if one is considering a handheld device made especially for stairs. This little machine is lightweight that makes it super easy for using on stairs. Plus the Eureka RapidClean doesn’t run off batteries which over the long term saves money and time. This cleaning machine has a 25-foot cord and a 3-foot hose that can adjust quickly from carpet to hard floors easily and efficiently.

For those who have pets, the Hoover T-Series UH70210 comes with an easy to clean air-powered pet hand tool. This vacuum sucks up even the most stubborn stuck on hair whether it is in the crevasses of the couch or the corners of the stairs this gets it all up. This is why Hoover is the best vacuum of choice for pet owners.

Although cleaning, especially spring clean can be an all day activity, it shouldn’t wear one out. Get yourself the vacuum that does all the hard work for you so that you can do the things you want to do like, relax.